Sometimes I just want to write exactly what’s on my mind. 

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I’m still here.  I’m back home after a month of upheaval.  Things aren’t one hundred percent complete but I’ll take what I can get. 

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It has been a really rough week.  Please excuse my bitching. 

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The second of the bonus tracks from the micro album. 

Another track from the Sundae Club micro album.

I’ve been on a Matt kick lately.  Not sure why.  Anyway I wanted to listen to his podcast again but sadly it’s been taken down from itunes. 

This was the only one I could find on youtube but it’s one of the better one.  Matt help you relax through hypnotism, sort of.  It’s wonderful but I do recommend headphones. 

From the Sundae Club Micro Album.  


Pretty James!


Er…is it me or does it look like he lost a bit of weight?